The personal, minimalist, super fast, database-free, bookmarking service.

Do you want to share the links you discover? Shaarli is a minimalist bookmark manager and link sharing service that you can install on your own server. It is designed to be personal (single-user), fast and handy.

Visit the pages in the sidebar to find information on how to setup, use, configure, tweak and troubleshoot Shaarli.


You can use this public demo instance of Shaarli. It runs the latest development version of Shaarli and is updated/reset daily.

Login: demo; Password: demo

Getting started#


Shaarli can be used:

  • to share, comment and save interesting links

  • to bookmark useful/frequent links and share them between computers

  • as a minimal blog/microblog/writing platform

  • as a read-it-later/todo list

  • as a notepad to draft and save articles/posts/ideas

  • as a knowledge base to keep notes, documentation and code snippets

  • as a shared clipboard/notepad/pastebin between computers

  • as playlist manager for online media

  • to feed other blogs, aggregators, social networks…

Easy setup#


  • Fast! Small datastore file, write-once/read-many, served most of the time from OS disk caches (no disk I/O)

  • Stays fast with even tens of thousands shaares!


  • Shaarli is an alternative to commercial services such as StumbleUpon,, Diigo…

  • The data is yours, import and export it to HTML bookmarksformat compatible with most web browser, and from a variety of formats

  • Shaarli does not send any telemetry/metrics/private information to developers

  • Shaarli is Free and Open-Source software, inspect and change how the program works in the source code

  • Built-in Security features to help you protect your Shaarli instance


This community fork of the original Shaarli project by Sébastien Sauvage (now unmaintained) has carried on the work to provide many patches for bug fixes and enhancements in this repository, and will keep maintaining the project for the foreseeable future, while keeping Shaarli simple and efficient.

The original Shaarli instance is still available here (+25000 shaares!)

Contributing and getting help#

Feedback is very appreciated! Feel free to propose solutions to existing problems, help us improve the documentation and translations, and submit pull requests :-)

See Support to get in touch with the Shaarli community.


Shaarli is Free Software. See COPYING for a detail of the contributors and licenses for each individual component. A list of contributors is available here.